New year's Resolutions tips and ideas

New year's Resolutions tips and ideas

Dr. Martin Seligman: Martin Seligman positive psychology, Martin Seligman on authentic happiness and learned optimism

Written By: admin - Feb• 19•10
Dr. Martin Seligman together with Christopher Peterson is one of the founders of positive psychology. Martin Seligman conducted several studies on authentic happiness and learned optimism. Martin E. P. Seligman is the director of the Positive Psychology Center at the University of Pennsylvania. Seligman is the Robert A. Fox Leadership Professor of Psychology in the University of Pennsylvania’s Department of Psychology. Previously, he was the Director of the Clinical Training Program in the department, and was elected President of the American Psychological Association by the widest margin in its history. Founding editor-in-chief of Prevention and Treatment Magazine, and is on the board of advisers of Parents. Seligman has written about positive psychology topics such as The Optimistic Child, Child’s Play, Learned Optimism, and, in 2002, Authentic Happiness.

Together, we are going to learn more about him, so please stay tuned.

Martin Seligman Video: Martin Seligman talks about positive psychology

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